Thursday, September 1, 2016

September is National Stamping Month - Let the Stamping Begin!

Wow does Close To My Heart have a great special this month for National Stamping Month.  Check it out:

In a time that there is so much hate in this world, Close To My Heart wanted to encourage the consultants and customers to spread a little kindness around the world.  I love this idea.  You may think I'm one of those hippie baby boomers but I think that if we all just treated everyone with love and respect, so much crazy stuff just wouldn't exist.  All you need is love!  And maybe by sharing these mini cards with a police officer, or a student that seems down, or your waitress that is gruff, you will start a positive change reaction.  Like that?  Instead of chain reaction, let's start our own change reaction!  I challenge you all to go to my website and order this great kit that will allow you to create 24 mini cards.  Once you get it, see how fast they come together.  Then, for part 3 of the challenge, start sharing them  to spread some kindness.  Then, come back here and tell me how you used the cards.  I will also be doing this in September.  Keep your eyes open on social media for #createkindness to see other people's stories.

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