Thursday, April 6, 2017


Have you ever had the blahhhhhs and been unmotivated to do anything?  Well, that's where I have been lately.  But, the Blue Bonnets have bloomed and they have me in a new mood for Spring!  With that said, I have decided to get back into my Close To My Heart business with a lot of spring in my step (get the pun?).  

I'm really pumped about the summer products coming up in May. You will love them. But in the mean time don't miss out on this month's Constant Campaign. It is focused on quick easy layouts that can be completed in a few minutes. They are called Cut Above Kits and they are on 50% off this month. So, if you are new to scrapbooking or just to busy to invest too much time, go here to see them.

Also, to help me get restarted, if you book and hold a qualifying party with me during the month of April, I will reward you with a free gift valued at $6.95, in addition to the already great hostess rewards you will earn! Hurry, available dates are filling up fast!